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Allegiance Realty

Founded in 1996, Allegiance Realty Corporation is a private real estate investment company providing compelling alternatives to conventional investment vehicles for family offices, RIAs and high net-worth individuals, focusing on acquisition, management and disposition of multi-tenanted office real estate.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Company has acquired, over its tenure, more than 7 million square feet of commercial real estate, with more than 40 professionals ensuring successful execution over the portfolio, investment dollars of more than $125 million of self-raised equity and generated a weighted IRR in-excess of 30%. Over the last several years, Allegiance Realty Corporation divested of its legacy, non-core properties, and continues to hold a portfolio of its core assets. During the time the Company divested of its non-core assets, the Company instituted the same platform into the healthcare space of real estate.

"Natural barriers to entry keep inventory growth very low, and despite overwhelming demand for tenants and healthcare systems for more medical office space, inventory growth has average less than 1%; accordingly, we witness increasing occupancies, increasing rental rates and overall positive resilient trends for medical office assets."
Maplewood Healthcare

Maplewood Healthcare - Medical Office Real Estate

Maplewood Healthcare

As Allegiance Realty Corporation continues to focus on managing its core multi-tenanted office assets, its sister company, Maplewood Healthcare, LLC, using a similar vertically integrated platform, focuses on development, acquisition, and management of medical office real estate for health systems, hospitals, medical groups and academic medical facilities. Since 2013, with a proven track record for successfully closing deals, Maplewood Healthcare has helped health systems, hospitals, medical groups and academic medical facilities unlock their financial potential with respect to their medical office building needs. Maplewood Healthcare designs transactions that free up capital that physician groups can use to fortify their practices by investing in new medical infrastructure for their practice. Maplewood Healthcare also helps health systems evaluate, fund, plan, design, build and finance new medical facilities, allowing for improved care, operations and conservation of capital.

To learn more about Maplewood Healthcare, LLC, visit MaplewoodHC.com.

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